AGENDA Public Affairs & Management Consulting

I have deactivated my advisory firm per 31/7/2016. For questions you can contact me via Thank you very much for your interest !

AGENDA Public Affairs & Management Consulting is Oliver Dworak`s independent and privately owned consulting and advisory firm. Oliver provides added value in public and regulatory affairs, issues management, media relations and corporate reputation building. With specific advocacy services and a solid network of contacts amongst politicians and authorities, business sectors, associations, science and media, he supports companies, associations and organisations on how to best engage with government and public institutions on crucial files and questions of policy, legislation and regulation. Key issues and strategies of the forest and wood sector and the pulp and paper industry are of high relevance.

Good arguments are not enough – you need a good story, too !

The steady stream of new laws, norms, regulations and standardisation initiatives seen on both national and European level requires continuous attention. In order to identify opportunities and risks, and to shape the future of industrial policy, Oliver utilises his more than twenty years professional experience in the representation of business and industry interests on national and international levels, and his practical knowledge of the sustainable management of complex projects at the interfaces of politics, administration, business and economy, associations, media and the civil society. It is the combination of his key competences and vast experiences that has made Oliver the independent Public Affairs & Lobbying specialist for business and industry.

Oliver advises clients in the private and public sectors. These include well-known companies in the consulting, industry, energy, innovation and media sectors, Federal Ministeries as well as special advocacy groups and business associations. Oliver`s solutions are always tailor-made. He provides a full range of public affairs services. These include

  • identifying public policy issues of concern to you,
  • identifying the relevant political and regulatory audiences on particular issues,
  • developing a public affairs strategyfor the best way to engage with policy makers,
  • developing effective political and regulatory messages,
  • arranging meetings and other communication formats with key audiences,
  • monitoring and providing feedback on ongoing policy developments,
  • identifying opportunities and threats in the legislative process to advance or defend your corporate policy objectives
  • supporting and guiding junior staff and interns/trainees with input and feedback,
  • coordinating media messages consistent with your public affairs activities.

With a solid knowledge of EU and national industrial policy, the ability to work in a fast paced environment, and to build and maintain relationships with senior business leaders and government representatives, a proven track record of successful Public Affairs and Lobbying issues and his strong interpersonal and communication skills, Oliver combines highly strategic approaches and methodical competence to champion the special interests of companies and sectors, shape outcomes and translate complex policy issues effectively into clear business impact and strategy. Oliver thereby utilises his extensive personal network in politics, administration, business and associations, as well as the media. Furthermore, he provides consulting and advisory services for policy and administration, with a primary focus on industrial policies and multi-stakeholder-dialogues.

Corporate Advocacy & Policy Consulting
Represent business positions and special interests successfully !

  • Monitor the political environment on national and international levels, identify and evaluate external and internal trends, policies and risks that effect companies and organisations within their corporate compliance
  • Develop and implement public affairs and advocacy strategies by establishing relationships with key political leaders and their staff, multiply their impact with strategic partners, and represent corporate interests
  • Identify opportunities and threats in the legislative process, coordinate public and government affairs activities, drive international performance and establish representations for companies and organisations

Stakeholder Dialogue & Communication
Communicate viewpoints and arguments effectively !

  • Organize high-level meetings, stakeholder roundtables, press conferences or congresses, and develop and implement adjoining PR and press activities
  • Make sure that the company`s or association`s voice and standpoint is heard in relevant organisations, committees and working groups
  • Provide consultancy and professional support to government and administration to implement credible and successful stakeholder dialogues

Association Management & Organisation Intelligence
Manage associations and organisations professionally !

  • Develop vision, mission, values and strategies for associations to champion and guide the sector`s common activities
  • Provide leadership and professional support to manage strategic business activities within associations effectively
  • Advise associations and organisations to establish key competences and develop professional teams to administrate knowledge management successfully

Leadership Skills & Human Resources Development
Implement management quality and corporate culture credibly !

  • Provide professional dialogue structures for members of the senior management of companies and associations to reflect business strategies
  • Advise and support the management in the development and implementation of HR strategies and activities
  • Deliver credible decision and communication structures to achieve esteeming results in challenging staff situations and personal outplacements